Company Profile

We are a boutique consultancy advising on chemistry, chemical engineering and industrial marketing/ sales to businesses engaged in new chemical transformation technology development.

We specialize in providing innovation and commercialization management services to chemical technology entrepreneurs moving them rapidly and with lower risk – from idea/ business conception to early venture capital stage financing.

Some of our key word/ focal points are: water remediation, produced water treatment, water conditioning of industrial processes, green chemistry, sustainable environmental practices for the application of new chemical technology, alternative fuels, cleantech, biofuels, green mining, automation, measurement and control, technical nonwovens, new technology assessment.

Historically, THE ALCHEMIST personified the traditional chemical entrepreneur. He faced many challenges, some of which were:

  • Faulty or questionable, unproven technology [the transformation of lead to gold, gun powder, Fountain of Youth] of unknown commercial value,
  • Financing [royal or noble patronage],
  • Sales – needed his first few customers [typically nobility]
  • Validation/ credibility – third party verification
  • Distribution and go to market channels

Today – all of these challenges remain. We help ease and facilitate the successful crossings of the ‘commercialization valley of death’ for these chemical innovators.

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