Technical & Corporate Sales

On the playing fields of Chichen Itza, the player scoring the winning goal – was sacrificed. The Maya considered this a great honour – an outcome far from acceptable or inspiring in most western cultures.

Cross cultural issues can be difficult and oftentimes critical in new market development. We focus our client on the right outcomes – whether the mindscape is French or English, European or American – and we make high technology chemical sales results – happen.

We facilitate entry into new chemical service markets and often bring the first customer to our client.

Our firm can assist and accelerate your approach to market with growth in: technical sales, corporate sales and channel management.

What is Technical Sales?

Technical sales is often called industrial sales or business to business [B2B] selling. It is very different from business to consumer selling [retail sales, B2C] or business to government [B2G]. The product or service for offer is usually sophisticated involving unique aspects of technology customized with bundled services and priced to the maximum of what specific market segments will tolerate. Typically a high degree of specific industry sector know-how is required.

What is Corporate Sales?

Corporate sales is multilevel selling to sophisticated buyers who often dominate the selling process and their small vendor groups in an industry sector. The buying and selling power is typically strongly unequal – favouring the purchaser. We advise on sales approach, bidding strategy and long term client relationship development using consultative selling and we undertake specific sales mandates.

What is Channel Management?

Channel to market refers to how a firm brings its product and services to market. It could be through a direct sales force, the internet, distributors, agency agreements, and various combinations. Channel management looks at these different approaches to maximize profit and sales reach and minimize barriers and inefficiency. A simpler view is distributorship management and motivation.