Typical Projects

The following are overviews of some typical chemical technology project mandates recently completed by our firm:

Engineering/ Project Management

  • Owner’s Representation: Acted as the owner’s engineering representative in the selection and engagement of a multinational full services engineering consultancy for the environmental permitting/ approval and design of a new analytical laboratory.
  • Precious Metals Analytical Laboratory Construction Management: Site supervisor for construction management of new geochemical laboratory. Also responsible for site selection and commissioning.

Water Treatment/ Environment

  • New Treatment Concept Development: Led the intellectual property review and initial laboratory concept development work on new ion exchange applications for oil + gas based water conditioning and site remediation.
  • Multi Vendor Capability Assessment: Managed a broad review of water chemistry and specialty equipment suppliers capable of treating saline water.


  • Cross Culture Enabler: Facilitated the new market penetration of an anglophone analytical services firm into the Quebec mining market.
  • New Market Sales Plan Execution: Led the first wave of technical sales effort into new market segments in Quebec + Ontario. Led the recruitment of new sales talent.
  • Channel to Market/ Partnering: Led partnering efforts with First Nations representatives , government funded research institutes and economic incubators.


  • Channel to Market Selection/ Distributorship Assessment: Led a distributor recruitment effort to assist a New England based specialty equipment fabricator to penetrate and support the Quebec market.
  • New Market Assessment: Examined the marketing plan for new halogen based bleaching program as well as the recycling of pulps and technical nonwovens from post consumer waste.
  • New Technology Assessment: An economic incubator required a technical marketing analysis/ intellectual property review with an environmental screening on new metallurgy techniques applicable to various commercial battery segments.
  • Competitive Intelligence Collection: Investigated, collected and confirmed many key competitive factors such as: pricing, plant location, market offering, new technology adoption rates, and key accounts.